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                      Club Rules and Regulations

The following Club Rules & Regulations apply to all Upper Canada Skaters, Board Members, Coaches & Parents while on the premises of Mitchell Field Arena & Community Centre.
Please take the time to read these policies and familiarize yourself with them. Rules are put into place for the safety and protection of all our members.


  1. Skates must be worn on the ice. Coaches, skaters and parents are not permitted to walk on the ice wearing shoes of any kind.
  2. Corrective eyewear must be worn at all time on the ice.
  3. Jeans/shorts/denim‐cut pants/bare midriffs are not considered acceptable skating attire (unless the costume is part of an ice show). Skaters wearing jeans will not be allowed to skate.
  4. No hats, hoods, earmuffs or headbands will be allowed on the any intermediate (STAR 3) and higher sessions. Young junior skaters who are cold and wearing snug fitting hats will be acceptable.
  5. Eating, gum‐chewing and drinking (except bottled water) is not permitted.
  6. Boys cannot wear sleeveless shirts.
  7. Girls cannot wear tank tops, tube tops, tops with low‐cut necklines or have their midriff showing.
  8. No clothing with offensive language or images will be allowed.
  9. Skating dresses, skating skirts, and yoga pants are permitted for girls.
  10. Proper skating tights only with dresses will be permitted. No patterned or non‐beige tights will be allowed.
  11. Boys and girls with hair longer than chin length must wear their hair tied back.
  12. Coaches requesting music have first priority. Please don’t abuse the privilege.
  13. The skater whose music is being played has the right of way. Be aware of what is going on around you whether it is your music or not.
  14. Choreography must be done using a portable device and not through the general music system.
  15. No foul language or inappropriate behaviour on the ice will be tolerated by skaters, parents or coaches.
  16. Coaching of skaters takes place on the ice only. Coaching from the stands or behind the boards is not permitted. Parents are discouraged from standing at the boards during sessions unless permission is granted by the coach.
  17. Skaters who skates on the STAR 3 and above and Adult STARSkate sessions MUST hire a coach for a minimum of 15 minutes on each skating day. Parents are not allowed to coach or instruct from the boards.
  18. Guest skaters must pay their guest fees prior to stepping on the ice. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the rink.
  19. Coaches are permitted to take lessons during regular skating sessions but limited to the STAR 5-10 and Adult STARSkate sessions depending on his/her age.
  20. Skaters are not permitted to go on the ice until a Coach is on the ice or Board Member is present.
  21. Parents of skaters 10 years and under must remain on the premises during their child’s entire session.
  22. Skaters/Parents must not use the viewing area to put on or take off skates. Changing of skates in the Community Centre area is strictly prohibited.
  23. Doors leading to the ice surface are to be kept closed and latched.
  24. All skaters and Coaches will leave the ice as soon as the Zamboni passes the arena doors. Please pay attention to the end time of your session and leave the ice surface promptly to ensure that all sessions before and after are kept on time.
  25. CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for skaters in the Pre‐School, Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate programs (Stage 1-5) and Teen/Adult Learn to Skate sessions. Helmets are optional for skaters in stage 6. 
  26. No headsets will be permitted on the ice.


  1. Defacing of club/arena property is prohibited and will result in loss of skating privileges.
  2. Please help keep the viewing area, dressing rooms and washrooms clean.
  3. Only designated music operators, board members and professional coaches are permitted to use the music equipment.
  4. Please make sure that skate guards are worn off the ice at all times.
  5. Parents, Skaters & Coaches are not permitted to use the facilities in the Community Centre unless by permit. This includes change rooms & washrooms. Management and Community Centre staff at Mitchell Field will enforce their rules as they see fit. Please respect these rules.