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Pre-CanSkate (Ages 3-5)

This program is a half-hour group lesson designed for children ages 3-5  who have no or very little skating ability. Pre-CanSkate is the starting point where skaters advance to the CanSkate program. Basic skills such as skating forward, backwards, turning, jumping and stopping will be taught in a group of a maximum of 5 skaters per group. A professional coach for each group will be on the ice during the entire session. Skaters will be grouped according to age and/or ability. Age appropriate toys, other props and visual aids may be used during the lessons. Circuits and trails will be drawn on the ice for skaters to learn and practice their skills.

Assessment will be an ongoing basis rather than having a set assessment day, allowing skaters progress at their own speed. Skaters who master their Pre-CanSkate skills will advance to the CanSkate 1-6 program.

No private lessons are available for Pre-CanSkaters.

CSA approved hockey helmets with chip strap are mandatory for all skaters.
Face masks (cages) are mandatory for the 3 & 4 years old skaters and are highly recommended for the 5 years old skaters and skaters who wear glasses.
Parents of skaters 10 years and under MUST remain on the premises during their child’s entire session.


Age Eligibility – ages 3 - 5 as of Sept. 9 2023 (for Fall/Winter session); Mar. 18, 2024 (for Spring 2024 session); June 4, 2024 (for Summer 2024 session).

No skating ability required.

What to wear for skating lessons ?

Skaters in the Pre-CanSkate session should wear warm comfortable clothing. Preferably dress in layers. Slush pants with warm pants underneath, warm jacket or snow suit as long as they are not too bulky.

Must wear mittens or gloves. 

What equipment you need for your skating lessons ? 

Properly fitted hockey or figure skates, CSA approved hockey helmet, skate guard (hard and soft). For detailed information, click here.


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