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                               Private Lessons  

Upper Canada SC offers private lessons in addition to group lessons starting at CanSkate (Stage 1). Private coaching will help speed progress by increasing focus on each skater’s individual goals and challenges. Private lessons at the CanSkate and STAR 1 and 2 levels are optional. However, the addition of private lessons becomes mandatory for skaters skating on STAR 3 and above sessions and for all our Adult STARSkaters. These skaters must hire a private coach for at least one 15 min. lesson on each skating day.  

How to choose a private coach?

  • Each coach has his or her own coaching style. Observe the coach on ice and his or her interaction with the skaters. Personal fit is very important.
  • Contact the coach directly. A list of coaches with their contact information and qualifications and can be found at our website at:

  • Make sure that your coach is available for the sessions on which the skater is skating. Not all coaches work at the club everyday. Scheduling must be arranged directly with the coach.

Can the office administrators or board members recommend a coach for a skater?

No, anyone who is involved with the day-to-day operation or governance of a Skate Canada Club must remain impartial. Recommendations of one coach over another are considered unethical.

How much do private lessons cost and how are the rates determined?

  • Private lesson costs approximately $9-15 per 15 minutes.
  • Private lesson fees are not included in your skating session fees and must be paid to the coach directly and cannot be paid through the office.
  • Some coaches may deliver semi-private lessons with up to 3 skaters and prices will vary.

  • Rates are determined by individual coaches.

How to change coaches?

  • Have a conversation with your current coach and advise you are looking to switch to another coach. Your current coach may want to know why. Have an open and honest discussion with your coach.
  • Ensure your future coach is available to coach the skater on his or her skating days.
  • Ensure there is no outstanding balance with your current coach prior to starting with new coach.




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