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                    Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

Aligning with Toronto Public Health recommendations, all vaccine-eligible skaters (age 12+ as of Dec 31, 2021) are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The steps below only need to be done for skaters age 12+ as of Dec 31, 2021.
Eligible skaters need to provide proof of vaccination to finalize registration.

We accept files in pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, gif and bmp format. 

You can download your proof of vaccination from the Government of Ontario here.

To upload proof of vaccination documents or medical note (pdfs or pictures):

1. Click on and Log In. It will bring you to the page where all the participants who are under your account are listed.

2. Click on the name of the participant (the one who will be skating).

3. Go to the field “Vaccinated against COVID-19". Click on the inverted triangle for a drop-down menu of options.  


4. Choose “Yes” if participant is fully vaccinated (2 shots); or "Yes (Dose #1 only. Only if  turning 12 in 2021)" if the participant is turning 12 in 2021 and has received 1 shot; or "No (Medical Exemption)" if participant is eligible but cannot receive the vaccine due to medical conditions; or “No (Ineligible by Age)” if participant is under 12 as of Dec. 31st 2021 (born in 2010 or later).

5. a) Yes - If participant is fully vaccinated, then upload the proof of vaccination by clicking “Choose File” in the field for Dose #1. After uploading the proof for the first dose, proceed with uploading the proof of the second dose by clicking “Choose File” in the field for Dose #2.

5. b) Yes (one dose only...) - if participant turns 12 in 2021, has already received the first dose and is scheduled for the second dose, enter the date in the field for the scheduled date.


5. c) No, Medical Exemption – if participant cannot receive the vaccine due to an approved medical condition, upload the medical note by clicking “Choose File” in the “Medical Note (for Exemption)” field.

5. d) No, Ineligible by age – if the participant is too young to receive the vaccine (born in 2010 or later). Go to Step 7.

6. You will see your file name after it has been uploaded.

7. Check to make sure everything is correct and updated, then click UPDATE 
      (or nothing will be saved).
8. If more than one participant will be skating, repeat steps 2-7 until you have updated or uploaded documents for all the participants.