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Detailed FAQs

Private Lessons:

  • Pre-School and Pre-CanSkate: No private lessons.
  • CanSkate: No private lessons during the 30 min group instruction period. Private lessons are only allowed during warm up or cool down.
  • STARSkate: No private lesson during the first 15 mins of the group skill lesson.
  • Private lessons can only occur during the session which the skater is registered for. For example, a skater cannot skate on Sat A session but have a private lesson on the warm-up of Sat B.


  • Skaters in the Pre-CanSkate session cannot join the warm-up or cool-down on the CanSkate session.
  • No make up or substitution of skating days regardless of what the reason is e.g. sickness, vacation, snowstorm, etc.


  • No make up classes, mostly no refunds.
  • A refund may be considered due to an ongoing medical situation. The refund request must be in writing (or email), addressed to the Board of Directors and accompanied with a doctor’s note. A $50 processing fee is charged for all refunds.
  • No prorated fees for missed classes. No make ups or refunds for sessions missed due to illness, vacations, holidays, competitions, tests, bad weather, maintenance, equipment failure, breakdowns, repairs or management disputes. There are no refunds for guest skate, tests or club events once the fee is submitted.
  • If you know in advance that you will be away (e.g. on vacation) for 5 weeks or more, please contact the club.

Guest Skating:

  • Open to Club and non-club members but they must be a member of Skate Canada (proof required).
  • No “trial” classes even if the skater is a member of Skate Canada.
  • No guest skating on PreSchool, Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, Teen/Adult Learn to Skate (Tue) and STAR 1 and STAR 2 sessions.
  • Guest skating is allowed for the following levels and higher: STAR 3 and above, and Adult StarSkate (18 and up).
  • Adult STARSkaters can only guest skate on the Adult STARSkate sessions.
  • Youth STARSkaters (5-17 years old) can only guest skate on STAR 3, 4 or 5-10 depending on their level.
  • Adult skaters who are at a CanSkate level are not allowed to guest skate on the Adult STARSkate sessions (Mon, Thu).
  • Must only guest skate on the session they are qualified for unless permission is granted.
  • Guest skaters must first report to the office and pay the guest fee (cash or E-transfer prior to the guest skating day) before stepping on the ice.
  • Guest fee for club members: $20 per session, 10 guest skates in the Fall/Winter session, 5 in the Spring session.
  • Guest fee for non-club members: $30 per session, 5 guest skates in the Fall/Winter session, 3 in the Spring session.
  • Guest skaters cannot bring an outside coach to coach on Upper Canada SC Ice.
  • We do not offer any “ticket ice “or open ice sessions.

Level Completion:

  • Skaters who complete the Teen (13-17 years old) Learn to Skate program (Tue) will move onto to the STAR 1 sessions with the other child/youth skaters.
  • Skaters who complete the Adult (18 years old and up) Learn to Skate program (Tue) will move onto the Adult STARSkate sessions (Mon, Thu) with the other adult STARSkaters.


  • Only coaches who have a contract with Upper Canada SC can teach on our sessions.
  • Parents may not coach from the boards.

STAR Level Definitions:

  • STAR 1 session – for skaters who have completed CanSkate 6 or equivalent.
  • STAR 2 session – for skaters who have passed all 3 STAR 1 tests.
  • STAR 3 session – for skaters who have at least passed STAR 2 skills, STAR 2a & b dances, and STAR 2 FreeSkate elements.
  • STAR 4 session – for skaters who have passed STAR 3 skills AND FreeSkate (both elements & program) OR have passed ALL STAR 4 & 5 dances.
  • STAR 5-10 session – for skaters who have passed STAR 4 skills AND FreeSkate (both elements & program) OR have passed ALL STAR 6 dances.
  • Adult STARSkate – for skaters (18 and up) who have strong basic skating skills and are working on figure skating skills, freeskate and/or dances.
  • Teen/Adult Learn to Skate (Tuesday session) – for teenagers (13-17) and adults (18 and up) who are new to skating or have some skating experience. This session is for skaters who are skating at the CanSkate level. No STARSkaters are allowed to skate on this session.

Combined Sessions:

  • Monday and Thursday 7:45-9 pm are a combined session for skaters working on STAR 5 and higher and Adult STARSkate skaters.
  • If safety is a concern on any combined sessions, skaters may be asked to skate on a session which is less crowded or more appropriate for them based on their skills or age.