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STAR 5-10 

Skaters in the STAR 5-10 session will continue to develop their skills in skating skills, freeskate, dance, artistic disciplines. This session prepares skaters for STAR 5 Skills, STAR 5 Freeskate, Dance and Artistic tests and higher level tests in all disciplines. 

Session includes a 15 min group skills lesson.

Skater MUST hire a private coach for at least one 15 min. lesson each skating day. Skaters practice independently after their private lesson.

Skating 2 days a week is recommended.

Skaters in the STAR 5-10 program may share ice with the STAR 3 - 4 level skaters or the Adult STARSkaters depending on their skating days.


STAR 5-10 skaters should be landing a Single Axel and must have at least passed one of the following group(s) of tests:

(1) Complete STAR 4 Freeskate (both Elements and Program) AND Skills; OR 
(2) STAR 4 Skills AND All STAR 6 Dances

Skating Attire - Proper figure skates and attire are required


(1) Proper figure skates;
(2) Skating dresses, skirts, pants or leggings;
(3) Fitted sweaters, fitted zip up sweaters or shirts that do not fall below the hips;
(4) gloves

(1) Proper figure skates;
(2) Skating pants with stretchy material. (No jeans or other restrictive clothing (street wear) allowed on the ice);
(3) Fitted sweaters, fitted zip up sweaters or shirts that do not fall below the hips;
(4) gloves

- loose fitting sweatshirts or sweatpants;
- hoddies, tank tops, tube tops, tops with low‐cut necklines or have their midriff showing;
- sleeveless shirts/tops;
- tops/sweaters that fall below the hips;
- jeans 
- hats, earmuffs, hoods