Intermediate (STAR 2-3)

Skaters in the the Intermediate Program (STAR 2-3) will continue to work on their Freeskate, Skills, and Dances. This session prepares skaters for STAR 2 or 3 Skills and Freeskate tests. All Intermediate sessions include a 15 minutes group skills lesson. No Private lesson is allowed during the group skills lesson. Skater MUST hire a private coach for at least one 15 min. lesson each skating day.

It is mandatory that parents stay at the arena for children under the age of 10.

Eligibility for Fall/Winter 2018-19 Session

Intermediate skaters should be landing 4 single jumps and have passed at least one of the following group(s) of tests:
(1) 3 of the 5 STAR 2 tests (STAR 2 Skills, Freeskate Elements, Program, STAR 2a & 2b Dance); OR
(2) 3 tests with one being Preliminary Skills OR 1 part of the Preliminary Freeskate.
Skating 2 days a week is recommended.

Skating Attire


Skating dresses/skirts or close fitting athletic pants/leggings. All long hair should be tied back.



Skating pants with stretchy material. No jeans or other restrictive clothing (street wear) allowed on the ice.