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General FAQs


My child has never skated before. Can I still sign them up/register them for CanSkate?
Yes. The CanSkate program has a specifically designed program for those who have no or very little skating ability. Children ages 3-5 are eligible for Pre-CanSkate and children ages 6-12 are eligible for CanSkate 1-6. Information regarding this program is available HERE.

What are "Test Days' or "STAR Assessments"?

Test Days and STAR Assessments apply only to STARskaters (Skaters who have passed CanSkate program). These tests are submitted by the skater's private coach. Those skaters on the CanSkate and Pre-Canskate being assessed every time they are on the ice in their group lesson; there is no specific "test" day for these skaters.

What should my child bring/wear on their skating sessions?

Layers of clothing are preferable for skaters. Snow suits and bulky clothes restrict the skater’s movement. Gloves instead of the mittens are preferred. See the Handbook for further details.

How do I hire a private coach?

If you wish to hire a private coach you must do so by contacting the coach directly. Skaters contract individually with their coaches. We have our coaches listed under our Coaches page. Coaches set their own rates, based on their experience and qualifications. Each lesson is 15 minutes. 

Is the Upper Canada Club Fee mandatory?

Yes. Upper Canada Skating Club is a non-profit organization and fundraising is an important part of every non profit organization. The Club Fee helps offset rising costs of ice, coaching costs, utilities, insurance and many other expenses. Most organizations require every parent to participate in a fundraising event each season however with the busy lives we lead, we know such events are not always possible so a one time per season fee is the most cost‐effective and convenient way to raise money. Our ice fees are still the lowest around and we hope to keep it affordable to all our members.

What is the 'Skate Canada Fee', and is it mandatory?

The Skate Canada Fee is an annual membership fee due September 1st of each year. The fee covers the skater from September 1st to August 31st in any skating season. It's a fee charged to Upper Canada by Skate Canada when we register your child/ren with Skate Canada. Yes, it is mandatory, and because we are a Skate Canada sanctioned skating club, no one is allowed to skate on Upper Canada's ice without paying the Skate Canada membership fee. This fee is sent directly to Skate Canada who uses money to cover costs of running a national skating organization, insuring our skaters, and supporting our local Skating Section.

Are there make up days?

No. There is no substitution of days under any circumstances. Please note: those sessions that fall on statutory holidays, test days or days that Upper Canada is closed were not included in the session fees.

Where can I buy skates and a helmet?

We recommend that you buy your skates and helmet from a store that can fit your skates properly.
These include: Figure Skating BoutiqueNational SportsSportChek or any other sporting goods stores.

Do you rent/sell skates/helmets?

No. You must buy your skates/helmets from a sporting goods store. Stores we recommend are listed above.

Can I rent ice from you?

No. Upper Canada rents their ice from the City of Toronto via a permit covering a specific number of days and hours to run our programs. If you want to rent ice, you will have to contact the City of Toronto directly; please refer to The Fun Guide or the City's website:

Do you have Public Skating/Family Skate?

No. Public Skating/Family Skate is a City of Toronto run program. Please refer to The Fun Guide or the City of Toronto's website for times and locations. The link for the City's website is above.

Why can't I leave my child unattended during skating session?

Children under the age of 10, are not allowed to be left unattended by a parent for safety reasons.

 I was told that the all‐purpose helmet is fine for skating, why can't my child use it?
Only CSA approved hockey helmets are acceptable for skaters. Other helmets do not protect the forehead and back of the head. Children fall most often face forward and without adequate protection, will suffer head injuries. Face masks (cages) are mandatory for Pre-Schoolers and highly recommended for young skaters or new skaters on the Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate sessions to protect their faces from impact with the ice. Children will fall, and we want to minimize or eliminate any injuries.

Does Upper Canada have a 'Welcome Policy'?

No. This policy is available through the City of Toronto.

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